The Network for
Arts Administrators of Color

NAAC Boston welcomes self-identifying arts administrators of color, such as Asian American, African American, Native American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, Latin American, or multiracial individuals. The Network is open to individuals working in a full-time or part-time capacity at non-profit or for-profit arts and culture organization in Greater Boston, as well as freelancers and consultants.

NAAC Steering Committee

  • Allentza Michel
    Allentza Michel Principal and Creative Director, Powerful Pathways
  • Carmen Plazas
    Carmen Plazas Communications Manager, Mass Cultural Council
  • Justina Crawford
    Justina Crawford Lead Project Manager, Yancey Consulting, LLC
  • Lyndsay Allyn Cox Director of Theatre Arts, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Marissa Molinar
    Marissa Molinar NAAC Coordinator
  • Meraris Diaz
    Meraris Diaz Group Account Manager, Blue Man Group
  • Yoshi Campbell
    Yoshi Campbell Executive Director , Coro Allegro

Member Directory

  • Abria Smith
    Abria Smith Associate Director, Community Affairs and Campus Engagement, Berklee College of Music
  • Adewunmi Oke
    Adewunmi Oke Development Associate, Atlanta Music Project
  • Adrian Jones
    Adrian Jones Freelancer
  • Adriana Ray
    Adriana Ray Programs and Development Associate, Dance/USA
  • Adriana Zuñiga
    Adriana Zuñiga Social Media & Sales Apprentice, American Repertory Theater
  • Adrienne Hawkins Artistic/Managing Director, Impulse Dance Co
  • Aislinn Brophy Work Study Program Coordinator, The Dance Complex
  • Akiba Abaka
    Akiba Abaka Associate Producer, ArtsEmerson
  • Alicia Chick Development Officer, The Eliot School of Fine and Applied Arts
  • Alison Croney Program Director, Eliot School of Fine & Applied Arts
  • Alison Qu
    Alison Qu Co-Founder & Executive Producer, CHUANG Stage
  • Allegra Fletcher
    Allegra Fletcher Director, Arts Connect International
  • Allentza Michel
    Allentza Michel Principal and Creative Director, Powerful Pathways
  • Allison Maria Rodriguez
    Allison Maria Rodriguez Artist, Curator, Organizer, Educator; Freelancer
  • Allyssa Jones Consultant, Jones Creative & Consulting, LLC
  • Althea Blackford Owner, Event Producer, VStyle Productions
  • Alwyn McLeod
    Alwyn McLeod CEO, McLeod9
  • Amanda Shea
    Amanda Shea Organizer / Poet / Curator / On-Air Personality / Artist
  • Ana Masacote
    Ana Masacote Partner, Executive Director; Masacote, Yo Soy LOLA
  • Analiese	Barnes-Classen
    Analiese Barnes-Classen Coordinator of School Partnerships & Teacher Programs, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Angela Glover
    Angela Glover Para Professional, Freelance
  • Angela Han Co-founder and Partner, Third Eye Cultural Collaborative
  • Anjelica Montemayor Assistant Director, Berklee College of Music
  • Anju Madhok
    Anju Madhok Programs Manager, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • Anne Wright
    Anne Wright Education Manager, Artisan's Asylum
  • Annette McCarty
    Annette McCarty Retired Department Chair of Art, The Annette McCarty Art Studio
  • Anni Sun
    Anni Sun Marketing Intern, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Annie Yang-Perez
    Annie Yang-Perez Executive Affairs and Special Projects Officer New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Anthony W Lanier
    Anthony W Lanier Documentarian, AWL
  • Archana Menon
    Archana Menon Community Outreach Coordinator, Natick Center Cultural District
  • Ariana Lee
    Ariana Lee Assistant Event Manager of Lectures, Courses, and Concerts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Ashleigh Gordon Artistic Director, Castle of our Skins
  • Ashton Lites
    Ashton Lites Executive Director, StiggityStackz Worldwide Inc
  • Asia Pyron
    Asia Pyron Marketing Intern, Midday Movement Series
  • Audrey Seraphin
    Audrey Seraphin Community Engagement Director, Front Porch Arts Collective
  • Austyn Ellese Mayfield
    Austyn Ellese Mayfield Senior Integrated Media Producer, Boston University
  • Aysha Upchurch
    Aysha Upchurch Artist in Residence, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Azeb Freitas
    Azeb Freitas Executive Team Coordinator Isaacson, Miller
  • Ben Hires
    Ben Hires Director of Strategic Partnerships, Boston Public Library
  • Benny Sato Ambush
    Benny Sato Ambush Freelance SDC Stage Director / Educator / Consultant, Unaffiliated / Independent
  • Bithyah Israel Founding Executive Director, City Strings United
  • Brandon Milardo
    Brandon Milardo Assistant to the Administrative Officer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Brittany Ross
    Brittany Ross Box Office Associate / House Manager, The Lyric Stage Company of Boston
  • Bryana Gonzalez
    Bryana Gonzalez Admissions Counselor, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • Cagen Luse
    Cagen Luse Co-founder, Comics in Color
  • Cameron Lane
    Cameron Lane Graduate Assistant, Boston University Arts Initiative
  • Candelaria Silva-Collins
    Candelaria Silva-Collins Community Membership Coordinator, Huntington Theatre Company
  • Carmen Cohen
    Carmen Cohen Artist, Meta Art
  • Carmen Plazas
    Carmen Plazas Communications Manager, Mass Cultural Council
  • Carolyn Tidwell
    Carolyn Tidwell Interim Assistant Director/Acting Director, Center for Career Development, Curry College
  • Cassandra Ling
    Cassandra Ling Head of Strategic Program Development, Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Catherine Morris Founder, Boston Arts & Music Soul Festival (BAMS Fest)
  • Cecil Adderly Chair, Music Education, Berklee College of Music
  • Cecilia Mendez
    Cecilia Mendez Director, Center for Art and Community Partnerships, Massachusetts College of Art & Design
  • Cecilia Wright
    Cecilia Wright Development Associate, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Cedric Douglas Creative Director, The Up Truck
  • Chanel Thervil
    Chanel Thervil Program Manager, The Art Connection
  • Charles Augustine
    Charles Augustine Box Office Associate, Puppet Showplace Theater
  • Chavi Bansal
    Chavi Bansal Arts Coordinator, PAO ARTS CENTER- BCNC
  • Cheyenne Cohn-Postell
    Cheyenne Cohn-Postell Promotions and Community Coordinator, Huntington Theatre Company
  • Chris Guerra
    Chris Guerra Cultural Affairs Supervisor of Public Art, City of Santa Monica
  • Chris Santos Commissioner, Brookline Commission for the Arts
  • Christina Davis
    Christina Davis Associate Dean, Diversity and Inclusion, Berklee School of Music
  • Christine Armstrong
    Christine Armstrong Managing Director, Transformative Culture Project
  • Chu Huang
    Chu Huang Senior Assistant Director, College Advising Corp at Boston University
  • Cilicia Rios
    Cilicia Rios Development Intern, Central Square Theater
  • Claudia Gonzalez
    Claudia Gonzalez Membership Assistant, Events & Programs, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Colgan Johnson
    Colgan Johnson Multimedia Artist 1981andCo
  • Conrad Lamour
    Conrad Lamour Event Planner / Fashion designer, Boston En Vogue / Brazilian Fashion Week USA
  • Corey DePina Youth Development and Performance Manager , Zumix
  • Courtney Chang
    Courtney Chang Project Manager, Stewardship & Donor Relations, Berklee College of Music
  • Courtney Sharpe
    Courtney Sharpe Director of Cultural Planning, Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture
  • Craig Bailey
    Craig Bailey Photographer, Freelance
  • Cristina Dones
    Cristina Dones Manager of Community Engagement, The Network/La Red
  • Cynthia Woo
    Cynthia Woo Director, Pao Arts Center, Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • Daniel Callahan
    Daniel Callahan Principle Artist, Create & Record
  • Daniela Jacobson Plotkin Program Coordinator, Presenting & Touring and Accessibility Coordinator, New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Danielle Butler
    Danielle Butler Executive Assistant, The Theater Offensive
  • Danielle Legros Georges
    Danielle Legros Georges Director, MFA Program In Creative Writing, Lesley University
  • Dariel Suarez Head of Faculty & Curriculum, GrubStreet
  • Darren Cole
    Darren Cole Digital Storyteller, City of Boston
  • David Guerra
    David Guerra Director, AREA CODE ART FAIR
  • David Holland
    David Holland Principal, David Holland Consulting
  • David Howse Executive Director, ArtsEmerson
  • Dawn Simmons Executive Director, StageSource
  • Dawna Burrus Director of Annual Giving, Boston Athenaeum
  • Debbie Jacob Database Administrator, Museum of Science
  • Deborah Quave
    Deborah Quave Writer, Use Your Words The Movement
  • Deena Anderson
    Deena Anderson Jazz Concert Supervisor, Manager and Artist Liason for the Jazz Progra, Office for the Arts at Harvard
  • Deidra Montgomery
    Deidra Montgomery Arts & Culture Consultant and Anti-Oppression Facilitator, Freelance
  • Denise Delgado Executive Director Egleston Square Main Street
  • Derek Lumpkins
    Derek Lumpkins Director, Neighborhood Partnerships & Programs, Northeastern Crossing at Northeastern University
  • Doneeca Thurston
    Doneeca Thurston Director, Lynn Museum/Lynn Arts
  • Doreen Reis
    Doreen Reis Advertising Manager, Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Doumafis Lafontan
    Doumafis Lafontan Artist, Z Gallery
  • Eiji Miura
    Eiji Miura Voice Faculty, Clark University
  • Eliana Ulloa
    Eliana Ulloa Student, Emerson College
  • Elijiah Harrell
    Elijiah Harrell
  • Elisa Hamilton
    Elisa Hamilton Artist, Educator, Facilitator, Freelancer
  • Elizabeth Cai
    Elizabeth Cai Registrar / Facilities Coordinator, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Elizabeth Fernandes
    Elizabeth Fernandes Artist /creator Vivalashiekh
  • Elizabeth Ramirez
    Elizabeth Ramirez Company Member, Selectman, Flat Earth Theatre
  • Ellen Tani
    Ellen Tani Assistant Curator, The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston
  • Ellice Patterson Founder & Director, Abilities Dance
  • Elsa Mosquera Co-Founder, Ágora Cultural Architects
  • Elyse Veloria
    Elyse Veloria Educator, Freelance
  • Ena Fox
    Ena Fox Consultant/Educator
  • Erin Holder
    Erin Holder Project Specialist, Harvard Museums of Science & Culture
  • Erin Raber
    Erin Raber Department Coordinator, Berklee
  • Ernesto Lea Place
    Ernesto Lea Place Aerialist/Dancer, Pas de Deux Straps
  • Eson Kim Youth Programs Manager, GrubStreet
  • Evelyn Lee
    Evelyn Lee Director of Visual and Performing Arts, Boston Renaissance Charter Public High School
  • Evelyn Lee
    Evelyn Lee Director of Visual and Performing Arts, Boston Renaissance Charter Public School
  • Eziah Blake
    Eziah Blake PYTA Manager, Pride Youth Theater Alliance
  • Fabienne Keck
    Fabienne Keck Curatorial Dept. Coordinator, Institute of Contemporary Art /Boston
  • Falyn Elhard
    Falyn Elhard Program Associate, New England Presenting & Touring, New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Fei Gao
    Fei Gao Arts Administration Program Coordinator, Boston University Metropolitan College
  • Felicia Holman Communication Director (Links Hall); Co-founder (ALCN) Links Hall & Art Leaders of Color Network (Chicago)
  • Felicia Meggison
    Felicia Meggison Artist/Principle Content Strategist, FeeFiFoFun Creative
  • Flolynda Jean
    Flolynda Jean Education Assistant, Studio Programs, ICA Boston
  • Florentina Gutierrez
    Florentina Gutierrez Front Desk Receptionist, Skinner, Inc.
  • Fox Harrell Associate Professor, Comparative Media Studies | Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Frankie Concepcion
    Frankie Concepcion Development Coordinator, SpeakEasy Stage Company
  • Gilesa Thomas Freelance Digital Marketer
  • Gwendolyn Walker Grant Writer, Artists for Humanity
  • Hana Omiya Academic Assistant, MIT Program in Art, Culture & Technology
  • Hanako Brais
    Hanako Brais Research & Programming Assistant, Arts Connect International
  • Harold Steward
    Harold Steward Producing Co-Executive Director, The Theater Offensive
  • Hector Solano
    Hector Solano Owner, 617Live
  • Helen Zhang
    Helen Zhang Fundraising Events Coordinator, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • Herbert Jones
    Herbert Jones Volunteer and Intern Programs Manager, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Homa Sarabi
    Homa Sarabi Independent Artist/Curator
  • Iaritza Menjivar
    Iaritza Menjivar Event and Public Art Coordinator, Somerville Arts Council
  • Ingrid Pabon Owner, Certified Coach, Pause for Prosperity Coaching
  • Isabel Catalina Hibbard
    Isabel Catalina Hibbard Freelance
  • J. Cottle Executive Director, Dunamis-Boston
  • Jacquinn Sinclair
    Jacquinn Sinclair Contributing Arts Writer
  • James Boyd
    James Boyd Manager, Procurement Services, Berklee School of Music
  • Jamie Kodera
    Jamie Kodera Development Associate, Leadership Gifts, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Janet Chen Study Center Art Handler, Harvard Art Museums
  • Jarod Stone
    Jarod Stone Student, Harvard College
  • Javier Caballero
    Javier Caballero Scholarship & Recruitment Manager, From the Top
  • Jay Bernal
    Jay Bernal Program Manager, Project 351
  • Jazz Dottin
    Jazz Dottin Program Manager, Road Scholar
  • Jazzmin Bonner
    Jazzmin Bonner Company Manager, Huntington Theatre Company ; Managing Director, Fresh Ink Theatre
  • Jean Player
    Jean Player Manager, Chorus pro Musica
  • Jeila Irdmusa Marketing & Communications Manager, Boston Lyric Opera
  • Jennifer Chen
    Jennifer Chen Managing Director, American Modern Opera Company
  • Jennifer Erickson
    Jennifer Erickson Manager of Arts & Culture, Metropolitan Area Planning Council
  • Jennifer Javier Volunteer Manager 826 Boston
  • Jennifer Lin-Weinheimer Founder, CreateWell Fund
  • Jeomil Tovar
    Jeomil Tovar Actor, Freelance
  • Jessica Hong Assistant Curator, Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston
  • Jessie Magyar Community Outreach Coordinator Institute of Contemporary Art/ Boston
  • Jo Craig
    Jo Craig Data Entry and Stewardship, Berklee College of Music
  • Jonah Toussaint
    Jonah Toussaint Artistic Associate, Front Porch Arts Collective
  • Jonathan Holland Chair of Composition, Contemporary Music, and Core Studies Boston Conservatory at Berklee
  • Josean Ortiz
    Josean Ortiz Community Programs Manager, The Theater Offensive
  • Joseph Quisol Programming Fellow Arts Connect International
  • Josephine Ho
    Josephine Ho Development Officer, Museum Council, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Juan Omar Rodriguez
    Juan Omar Rodriguez Consulting Curator, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Judy Pryor-Ramirez
    Judy Pryor-Ramirez Elma Lewis Scholar-in-Residence, Emerson College
  • Julianna Quiroz
    Julianna Quiroz Programs Assistant, The Theater Offensive
  • June Cruz
    June Cruz Artist and Designer, ENAMOUR Design House
  • Justin Samoy
    Justin Samoy Development Associate , The New Group
  • Justina Crawford
    Justina Crawford Lead Project Manager, Yancey Consulting, LLC
  • Kahmal London
    Kahmal London Flagship Manager, The Clubhouse Network
  • Kameko Branchaud Connected Learning Developer, Peabody Essex Museum
  • Kana Dehara Pianist & Composer
  • Kara Elliott-Ortega
    Kara Elliott-Ortega Chief of Arts and Culture, Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture, City of Boston
  • Karen Young Founder, The Genki Spark
  • Karthik Subramanian
    Karthik Subramanian Interim Managing Director, Company One Theatre
  • Kat Nakaji Production Supervisor, Pedagogical Program, American Repertory Theater
  • Katherine McNally
    Katherine McNally Development Associate, Planned Giving, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Katherine Shozawa
    Katherine Shozawa Director of Community Engagement, Lesley University College of Art & Design
  • Kathy King
    Kathy King Director of Education, Ceramics Program - Office for the Arts at Harvard
  • Katytarika Bartel
    Katytarika Bartel Co-founder, Angry Asian Girls
  • Kelley Chunn
    Kelley Chunn Acting President, Roxbury Cultural District
  • Kendrick Evans Content Administrator, American Public Television
  • Kevin Johnson
    Kevin Johnson Director, Office for Diversity & Inclusion, Berklee School of Music
  • Kim Szeto
    Kim Szeto Program Manager, Creative City, New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Kimvy  Nguyen
    Kimvy Nguyen Special Education Coordinator, Boston Public Schools
  • Kortney Adams Education Manager, Central Square Theater
  • Kripa Joseph
    Kripa Joseph Program Coordinator, Boston Children's Chorus
  • Kritika Prasher
    Kritika Prasher Area Director, Toastmasters International
  • Lani Asuncion Studio Manager of Media Arts Department, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts
  • Laura Chong
    Laura Chong Donor Relations Officer, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Lauren Brooks School Administrator for the Boston Studio, Boston Ballet
  • Lauren Pellerano Gomez
    Lauren Pellerano Gomez Senior Director of Communications, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Laury Gutierrez Executive and Artistic Director, La Donna Musicale/RUMBARROCO
  • Layla Bermeo
    Layla Bermeo Assistant Curator of Paintings, Art of the Americas, Museum of Fine Arts
  • Leclerc  Jean-Louis
    Leclerc Jean-Louis Freelancer
  • Lecolion Washington Executive Director, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Leslie Condon
    Leslie Condon Coordinator of Museums, Educational Outreach, and Major Gifts, Phillips Academy
  • Leslie Wu Foley Associate Director of Audience Development, Boston Symphony Orchestra
  • Leticia St. Remy
    Leticia St. Remy Program Manager, Parenting Journey
  • Lillian Hsu
    Lillian Hsu Director of Public Art and Exhibitions, Cambridge Arts Council
  • Lisa Field
    Lisa Field Group Sales and Company Manager, Shear Madness
  • Lisa Simmons
    Lisa Simmons Festivals Program Manager, Massachusetts Cultural Council
  • Liz Goodwin
    Liz Goodwin Senior Communications Manager, Grub Street
  • Loreto Ansaldo Founder, Activist Calendar
  • Lucilda Dassardo-Cooper Owner, CooperLu Productions
  • Luiza deCamargo
    Luiza deCamargo Development Officer, Foundations & Government Relations, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Lydia Polanco-Pena Events and Exhibits Coordinator, Mission Hill Artists Collective
  • Lyndsay Allyn Cox Director of Theatre Arts, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Lynn Murray Program and Events Manager, The Clubhouse Network
  • Madelyn Washington
    Madelyn Washington Digital Learning Librarian, Berklee School of Music
  • Makeeba McCreary
    Makeeba McCreary Patti and Jonathan Kraft Chief of Learning and Community Engagement, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Mara Elissa Palma Emerging Actor, Intiman Theatre
  • Marcus Thompson Artistic Director Boston Chamber Music Society
  • Margo Gabriel
    Margo Gabriel Freelance Writer, Cuisine Noir Magazine
  • Maria Cabrera Supervisor, Community Relations , Museum of Science
  • Maria Paula Garcia
    Maria Paula Garcia Public Program Coordinator, Cultural Agents
  • Maria Servellon
    Maria Servellon Lecturer/Filmmaker, Northeastern
  • Marianna McMurdock
    Marianna McMurdock Freelance Photographer & Search Coordinator, Marianna McMurdock Photography & Isaacson, Miller
  • Marianne Harkless Diabate
    Marianne Harkless Diabate Owner, Dance Director, Benkadi Drum & Dance
  • Marie Tai
    Marie Tai Associate Director for Administration, Office for the Arts at Harvard
  • Marie-Claire Dumornay
    Marie-Claire Dumornay Operations Coordinator, MassArt
  • Marissa Gutierrez-Vicario Executive Director, Art and Resistance Through Education
  • Marissa Molinar
    Marissa Molinar NAAC Coordinator
  • Marjorie Saintil-Belizaire Arts Administration/Professional Artist, K Fine Arts Studio
  • Marlon Forrester
    Marlon Forrester Artist/Art Educator, Boston Public Schools
  • Marsha Parrilla
    Marsha Parrilla Director/Choreographer, Danza Orgánica
  • Matt Parker Sole Proprietor, Mistah Parker Presents
  • Maurice Parent Executive Director, The Front Porch Arts Collective
  • Mavis Manaloto
    Mavis Manaloto Social Media Manager, Asian American Theatre Artists of Boston; and Office Assistant, Boston Playwrights' Theatre
  • Meena Malik Program Manager, Theater New England Foundation for the Arts
  • Meghan Jasani
    Meghan Jasani Chief Financial & Operating Officer, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Melissa Teng
    Melissa Teng Interactive Designer, Freelance
  • Melory Mirashrafi
    Melory Mirashrafi Literary Apprentice, The Huntington Theatre Company
  • Meraris Diaz
    Meraris Diaz Group Account Manager, Blue Man Group
  • Merlo Philiossaint
    Merlo Philiossaint Artist, Merlo Philiossaint
  • Michael J. Bobbitt
    Michael J. Bobbitt Artistic Director, NEW REP THEATRE
  • Michael Rosegrant
    Michael Rosegrant Co-Founder and Steering Committee Member respectively, Asian American Theatre Artists of Boston and API Arts Network
  • Michèle Oshima
    Michèle Oshima Founder/Creative Synergist, Oshima Consulting
  • Michelle Gallego
    Michelle Gallego Artist, Hoyuuelo
  • Miguel A. Rodriguez
    Miguel A. Rodriguez President and Founder, Athlone Artists
  • Miguel Landestoy
    Miguel Landestoy Human Resources and Business Office Manager, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Mike Mason
    Mike Mason Assistant Department Chair, Liberal Arts, Berklee College of Music
  • Mike Tom
    Mike Tom Public Relations Associate, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Monica Garcia
    Monica Garcia Community Arts Organizer, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Morgan Beckford Chief Programming Officer, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Myran Parker-Brass Strategic and Feasibility Planning Consultant,, Convergence Ensemble
  • Nadine Martinez Director of The Arts, West End House
  • Nadine Nelson Owner, Global Local Gourmet
  • Naida Faria
    Naida Faria Director of Administration & Finance, City of Boston, Office of Arts & Culture
  • Natalie Rice-Harris Human Resources Manager, Institute of Contemporary Art Boston
  • Natasha Moustache
    Natasha Moustache Photographer, Natasha Moustache Photography
  • Neo Gcabo
    Neo Gcabo Green Mile Coordinator, Dunamis
  • Ngoc-Tran Vu Program Director, Associations of Independents in Radio (AIR)
  • Nia Evans
    Nia Evans Director, Boston Ujima Project
  • Nicola Williams
    Nicola Williams Executive Director/Producer, Sustainable Food and Culture/Boston JerkFest
  • Nicole d’Avis
    Nicole d’Avis Director of Operations and Programs, Berklee Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship
  • Nikki  Kirk
    Nikki Kirk Program Manager, El Sistema
  • Nnaemeka Ekwelum
    Nnaemeka Ekwelum Arts in Education Ed.M. student, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • O’Neil Outar
    O’Neil Outar Vice President, Institutional Engagement, RISD
  • Ocean Wong
    Ocean Wong Illustrator, Knovva Academy
  • Olawumi Akinwumi
    Olawumi Akinwumi Program Manager, Hibernian Hall
  • Olga Khvan
    Olga Khvan Content Editor, Public Relations, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Olive Knight Executive Director, The Vibe Coffeehouse
  • Ophelia Navarro
    Ophelia Navarro Fundraising/ Development/ Grant Writing, Consultant
  • Pamela Jones
    Pamela Jones Human Resources Manager The Salvation Army Boston Kroc Center
  • Paola Pelletier-Ozuna
    Paola Pelletier-Ozuna Program Director, Enroot
  • Pascale Florestal Venue Associate, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Patricia Williams
    Patricia Williams Founder, The Word Boston
  • Paul Carosi Primes
    Paul Carosi Primes Production Assistant, film
  • Paul Sayed Digital Marketing Manager, Celebrity Series of Boston
  • Phaedra Scott
    Phaedra Scott Director/Dramaturg
  • Philip Lima
    Philip Lima Artistic Director, The Bostonians
  • Phree
    Phree Writer / Poet / Community Organizer, It's Phree
  • Phyllis Smith
    Phyllis Smith Director of Vendor Operations, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Priscilla Franklin Scenic Painting Apprentice, Huntington Theatre Company
  • Priya Krishnamoorthy Partnerships Intern, MIT Solve
  • Purvi Patwari HR Consultant Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • Raina Searles
    Raina Searles Marketing Manager, FringeArts
  • Raksak Kongseng
    Raksak Kongseng Operations and Special Projects Manager Theatre Communications Group
  • Ralph Celestin
    Ralph Celestin President /CEO, Rise Celestial Studios
  • RamonaLisa Alexander Arts and Culture Manager Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
  • Raquel Jimenez Research Fellow, Harvard Project Zero
  • Raquel Peula
    Raquel Peula Guest Lecturer, Boston University
  • Raul Cornier
    Raul Cornier Office Manager, Office for the Arts at Harvard
  • Rebecca Kelley Executive Assistant to the Producing Co-Executive Director, The Theater Offensive
  • Rebecca Leopoldina Torres Project Coordinator / Communications & Marketing, Harvard Art Museums
  • Reggie Williams Development Director, Transformative Culture Project
  • Riot Diaz
    Riot Diaz Educator/Organizer, Freelance
  • Roberta Johnson Vice President of Audience Engagement, Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance
  • Robin Whitney
    Robin Whitney Development & Outreach Manager, Boston Lyric Opera
  • Rodrigo Guerrero
    Rodrigo Guerrero Consultant, Freelance
  • Romy St. Hilaire
    Romy St. Hilaire STEAM Team Program Coordinator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Ronnie Thomas Artistic Director, Mystique Illusions Dance Theatre
  • Rosalyn Elder Founder, African American Heritage Massachusetts
  • Ruth Mercado-Zizzo BPS Arts Expansion Director, EdVestors
  • Sabrina Aviles Director, Boston Latino International Film Festival
  • Sackona Fitts Corps Member, Teach for America
  • Salvador Jiménez-Flores Artist in Residence, Harvard Ceramics Program
  • Samantha Layco
    Samantha Layco Stage Manager, Freelance
  • Sara Ting Founder & President, World Unity, Inc.
  • Sarah Shin Co-Founder, Asian American Theatre Artists of Boston & Office Assistant, Boston Playwrights' Theatre
  • Sebastien Ridore
    Sebastien Ridore Circulation Clerk, Musselman Library
  • Selassie Davies Administrative Assistant, MASSCreative
  • Serina Gousby
    Serina Gousby Development Assistant, GrubStreet
  • Shaneez Tyndall
    Shaneez Tyndall Creative Youth Development Program Officer, Mass Cultural Council
  • Shannan Clarke
    Shannan Clarke Associate Director of Parent Development, Phillips Acadamy
  • Sharon Amuguni Program Assistant, Boston AIR
  • Shaumba-Yandje Dibinga Executive and Artistic Director, OrigiNation Cultural Arts Center
  • Shauna Rigaud
    Shauna Rigaud Community Based Learning Coordinator George Mason University
  • Sherley Austin
    Sherley Austin Case Manager, Youth Options Unlimited (Y.O.U.) Boston
  • Siddhartha V. Shah
    Siddhartha V. Shah Curator of Indian and South Asian Art, Peabody Essex Museum
  • Sidney Bowden
    Sidney Bowden Intern Coordinator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Sidney Monroe
    Sidney Monroe Youth Programs Manager, The Theater Offensive
  • Silas de Oliveira Artistic Director, El Sistema Somerville
  • Silvi Naçi Assistant Director, Samson Project
  • Simone John
    Simone John Coordinator
  • Sinai Sampson-Hill
    Sinai Sampson-Hill Development Coordinator, Brain Arts Organization
  • Sonia Brathwaite
    Sonia Brathwaite Freelance Graphic Designer, Contract Employee
  • Sonya Larson Director of Advocacy and the Muse Literary Conference, Grub Street
  • Stella Aguirre  McGregor
    Stella Aguirre McGregor Executive Artistic Director, Urbano Project Inc.
  • Stephanie Houten
    Stephanie Houten Event Producer, Self-Employed
  • Stephanie McKay
    Stephanie McKay Co-Chair, Medford Arts council / Lesley University
  • Stephanie Rosario Rodriguez
    Stephanie Rosario Rodriguez Knowledge Manager, The Clubhouse Network
  • Stewart Ikeda
    Stewart Ikeda Director of Marketing & Communications, The Umbrella Arts Center
  • Summer L. Williams
    Summer L. Williams Associate Artistic Director, Company One Theatre
  • Susana Reyes
    Susana Reyes Art of the Americas Department Coordinator, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
  • Tamara Webb
    Tamara Webb Dance Coach, Dynasty Stars Dance
  • Tareena D. Darbe
    Tareena D. Darbe Operations Manager & Executive Administrator, Arts Emerson
  • Tarikh Campbell
    Tarikh Campbell Executive Director, The CONcept ARTists
  • Tavo Faria
    Tavo Faria Photographer, Freelance
  • Ted Landsmark
    Ted Landsmark Director, Dukakis Center, Northeastern University
  • Thurston Reyes Production Manager, Central Square Theater
  • Tiffany Rice
    Tiffany Rice Performing Arts Director, The Windsor School
  • Timothea Pham
    Timothea Pham Cultural Outreach and Arts Programming in the Greater Boston Area, Mass Cultural Council
  • Timothy Hall Co-Founder, HipStory Music Label
  • Tiniqua Patrick
    Tiniqua Patrick Administrative Assistant, Community Music Center of Boston
  • Tishna Lodi
    Tishna Lodi Director of Venue Services, Boston Center for the Arts
  • Titi Ngwenya Director of Communications, Fuller Craft Museum
  • Todd McNeel
    Todd McNeel Client Services, Boston Magazine
  • Tonasia Jones Program Director, StageSource
  • Tracy Harris
    Tracy Harris CFO, Tracy Inc.
  • Tsugumi Maki
    Tsugumi Maki Chief Operating Officer, Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston
  • Ty-Juana Flores Manager, Berklee Summer Initiative Berklee College of Music
  • Tyrone Sutton Music Department Co-Chair, Boston Arts Academy
  • U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo Artist/Producer, The Maoko Project
  • Vanessa Martinez Assistant Marketing Manager, Federal Realty Investment Trust
  • Verónica Ramírez Martell
    Verónica Ramírez Martell Program Officer, Mass Cultural Council
  • Veronica Wells
    Veronica Wells Organizer/Board Member, Escena Latina Teatro
  • Vic Quintanar
    Vic Quintanar PYTA Manager, The Theater Offensive
  • Victoria Awkward
    Victoria Awkward Director, VLA Dance
  • Victoria Hall
    Victoria Hall Director of Operations, Now and There
  • Vivian Baguer Holland
    Vivian Baguer Holland
  • Wanessa Tillman Director of Visitor Services Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
  • Wen Huang
    Wen Huang Managing Director, Boston Chamber Music Society
  • Xavier Alexander Durden
    Xavier Alexander Durden Student, Boston Conservatory Black Student Union