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Live events are back! Updated daily, curated with Top 10 picks each week and BosTix deals, here's your go-to resource for what to see and do in Greater Boston.


Know Before You Go
As live events return, arts organizations and venues throughout Greater Boston are working together to make attending safer for all.
Audience Outlook Monitor
November 2021 results are in from our research of arts audiences expectations and attendance throughout the pandemic.
Holding Ourselves Accountable
A Statement of Solidarity and Action

More than 21 million people attend arts and cultural events in Greater Boston every year.

ArtsBoston is a leading force behind Greater Boston’s arts and culture sector. In support of our 175 member organizations, we provide vital research and audience-building programs that encourage participation in arts and culture, stimulate demand and raise attendance.

  • "We sold out 2 consecutive performances (including standing room!) and had a record number of customers new to our organization. Mayor’s Holiday is a fantastic way to publicly support local arts orgs that would not otherwise have resources to reach a wide audience."

    John Yannis
    John Yannis General Manager, Blue Heron Choir
  • "Accessibility is a core value of ours and ArtsBoston helps bridge the gap between people with no buying potential and those with huge buying potential."

    José Mateo
    José Mateo Artistic Director, José Mateo Ballet Theatre
  • “ArtsBoston is an arts service organization at its best: innovative, high-impact, forward-looking thinking that can be put into action by one guy and his laptop.”

    Nicholas Peterson
    Nicholas Peterson Director of Marketing, Central Square Theater
  • "ArtsBoston is connected to virtually every organization in the city that focuses on the arts and has built a sense of collaboration and community spirit among us that we trust."

    Temple Gill
    Temple Gill Director of Marketing, Huntington Theatre Company